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OPEN 3DCFD project is intended to provide a reliable, accurate, parallel solver for compressible flows in thermodynamic non-equilibrium (and of course, perfect gas solutions also). The initial work consists of the migration of an existing source code written in FORTRAN to an object oriented C++ program. This portion of the work will provide an inviscid solver, in 3 dimensions, for compressible gases in thermo-chemical non-equilibrium. From there we'll tackle the addition of MPI calls, viscous equations, a GUI user interface, simple boundary condition designations and whatever else may be requested.

All help is appreciated and welcomed.

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What we are working on at the moment:

  • Programmer's Manual - Formulation for Open3DCFD.
  • Developer's Manual - UML/Database/C++ description.
  • Port of FORTRAN code to C++/Java.

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